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Subha Sankar Chatterjee or “Sankar’ is an internationally trained coach and trainer. He is also an acclaimed voice-over artist and is the founder of one of the India’s most sought after voice-over service agencies. Sankar has voiced over for 4000 commercials and audio projects. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, and is the recipient of the prestigious British Chevening Scholarship.  He is a certified Heal Your Life Trainer and has made it his mission in life to help those who are seeking to make quantum leaps in their lives.

Tired of the same routine, just trying to get through each day while your aspirations and relationships seem to fade away?

Does taking care of yourself often get put on the back burner, leaving you wishing for a more fulfilling and abundant life? If you’ve felt the weight of these struggles, it’s time to start a powerful journey with Sankar, the Founder of Shine with Sankar

Your struggle ends here

Break the Shackles of Survival

Are you constantly battling to keep your head above water, navigating life's challenges without a moment to catch your breath? Sankar understands the struggle and is here to guide you to a place where survival is replaced by abundance and joyful living.

Neglected Dreams

Have your dreams been neglected, tucked away in the recesses of your mind, waiting for the right moment that never seems to come? Join Sankar to unearth those aspirations and breathe life into them.

Strained Relationships

Are your relationships strained, be it with your partner, family, or yourself? Discover how principles of abundance living can mend the rifts and cultivate a garden of love and understanding.

Well-Being on the Back Burner

Has your well-being been neglected, with self-care becoming a distant memory? Sankar's workshop is your chance to prioritize yourself and rediscover the joy of well-being.

What will you take back from this workshop?


As an International Heal Your Life Trainer, Sankar will be using the much celebrated tools and processes of Louise Hay, so lucidly elucidated in her life-changing work HEAL YOUR LIFE

What you’ll discover in the 3-hour live workshop

Unlock Your Deepest Dreams

Discover the power of positive affirmations to manifest the life you desire

Financial Freedom Blueprint

Learn practical steps to become financialy free and live an abundance life

Boundaries for Peace of Mind

Set clear boundaries that protect your peace of mind without neglecting others

Manifestation Mastery

Learn the magic to manifest everything your heart desires

Confidence as Your Birthright

Reclaim your confidence and pride in every role you play

Blessings, Happiness, Success

Achieve a life filled with blessings, happiness, and unparalleled success

Overcome Obstacles

Develop resilience to overcome obstacles and turn failures into stepping stones

Meet Your Guide: SubhaSankar Chatterjee aka Sankar


As a career media-professional in two of India’s media giants, Sankar had meteoric rise in his industry rising to the leadership positions and leading significantly large teams. After almost two decades of rather rigorous professional pursuits, Sankar decided to embark on a new journey to reimagine and rediscover his life. He reinvented himself as a voiceover artist and as the founder of what is now one of India’s largest voice-over and original audio content companies – www.sankarsvoice.com. The journey wasn’t easy though. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave a rather cushy job with the guarantee of a monthly pay check. It wasn’t easy either to start afresh. Self-doubt, lack of ideas and mentoring, inexperience riddled the journey. It all changed when he came across Louise Hay’s Masterpiece – Heal Your Life. His doubts were replaced with beliefs and self-love. Using the unmatched tools and guidance of Louise Hay, Sankar, now a Heal Your Life International Trainer has made it a mission in his life to transfer his knowledge and experience of reimaging life and work to all those who are seeking break free, live an abundant and fulfilling life. So if you are living a below-par life, one that is urging you to rethink and take action, this workshop is just for you.

Dive into a workshop guided by Sankar, an experienced life coach and practitioner of Louise Hay’s principles. With a passion for transformation, Subha is committed to helping individuals of all genders break free from limitations and live a life filled with love, success, and abundance.


Louise Hay's Wisdom Unleashed

Sankar draws inspiration from Louise Hay, a beacon of hope for those seeking profound transformation. Learn how to apply these principles to rewrite your life story.

Practical Strategies for Real Change

This isn't just theory; Sankar provides practical strategies to bring about tangible, positive changes in your life.

Safe Space for Transformation

Join a community of like-minded individuals, all seeking to break free from survival mode and embrace a life of abundance and joy.

Limited Availability

Only 100 spots available for this weekly virtual workshop. Don't miss your chance to break free from survival mode. Grab your spot now before the price doubles!

Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident in the transformational power of this workshop that we offer a money-back guarantee. Love it, or get your money back—no questions asked!

Intuitive Guidance

Learn to trust and follow intuitive guidance in decision-making.

How will this workshop transform your life?

01. Positive affirmations

Learn the power of positive affirmations in shaping thoughts and beliefs. Understand how affirmations can help you foster a positive mindset and propel the realisation of your dreams

02. Self-love and healing

Learn the power of self-love to create a joyful and abundant life while healing and forgiving past experiences

03. Release Limiting Beliefs

Release limiting beliefs that may be hindering your progress

04. Discover the Magic of Visualization

Understand the impact of visualising powerful positive thoughts in shaping your dreams and transforming them to reality. Practice visualisation techniques to achieve your goals

05. Gratitude Practice

Cultivate a practice of gratitude for the present and future achievements. Understand how gratitude can positively impact overall well-being

06. Intuitive Guidance

Learn to trust and follow intuitive guidance in decision-making based on the philosophy of Louise Hay

Workshop Timing

16th Mar 2024
10:00 AM – 01:00PM
At just ₹499 1499

The Bonus Goodies Included with Your Live Workshop Enrollment!

  • Access to exclusive manifestation resources
  • Access to our private online community
  • Opportunity to win a one-on-one life transforming coaching session with Sankar worth Rs. 100,000

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